Introducing the most innovative and versatile pickup truck bike rack ever invented.



The Solution

The KURUK Bike Rack for Pickup Trucks solves all of the problems associated with loading bikes and gear in a pickup.


Our Story

My name is Dan Wolfe.

I have always been an avid biker. I love to spend as much time as possible on the mountain trails with my biking buddies and when the trails are snowed in we load our camping gear and travel to other locations where the trails are still open or we ride the roads as well.

We are also truck lovers, and we haul our bikes and all our gear in our pickup trucks.

Over the years we have bought about every variation of truck bed bike rack on the market, but all of them had numerous problems that we didn’t like dealing with. The wheel removal and clamping and strapping, etc., etc., they were robbing us of precious biking time and causing many other aggravations such as shifting bikes, damage to the truck or the bikes or both.

Almost all of the other racks we tried obstructed cargo space and had to be removed when not hauling bikes then reinstalled next time. We didn’t like having our expensive bikes back in the dust and grit and spray off the road from the trucks wheels. The bikes themselves were in the way of loading our camping and other gear.

So we invented a rack that did away with all these problems!

It became very popular and in demand in our local area. However, it was built for only 26-inch mountain bikes. Many people wanted a rack that would fit their 29-ers or road bikes.

Now, FAT bikes are cool, but the original “FastRack” just didn’t work for all of these popular sizes. We needed to reinvent the FastRack.

We have now solved ALL of these problems with the new KURUK Bike Rack.

It clamps in place up on the truck bed side walls just behind the pickup’s back window.

It doesn’t obstruct bed space so it never needs to be removed in order to load other gear in the bed. Bikes can be loaded instantly whether other cargo is in the bed or not.

Up to 6 bikes will ride securely on top of the load. No wheel removal, or clamping, or strapping, or shifting bikes. More bikes can be loaded in less space.

The KURUK rack accepts ALL sizes of bikes and instantly adjusts to various wheel sizes and grips them like a Chinese finger trap!

2 million bikers in the US haul their bikes in their trucks. We have done the research and proven that the KURUK Bike Rack has large market appeal, but the tooling up and manufacturing of the KURUK Rack is an expensive project. We are just regular guys with regular jobs and don’t have the cash to make it happen without your help.


Why Choose KURUK?
Let’s break it down.

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    Serious REAL ESTATE

    KURUK Bike Racks never obstruct cargo space and adjust to all shapes and sizes. Our racks hold more bikes in less space (up to 6 in standard truck).

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    Racks don't have to be installed and removed between rides and facilitate instant loading and unloading. You'll never have to remove your wheels or deal with strapping or clamping.

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    Bikes are secure on rough roads, preventing damage to both bikes and truck beds. It's so durable, we're offering a 2-year warranty.

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    KURUK racks adjusts and mount to various pickup or trailer sizes. Short bed trucks are no problem for big bikes with a closed tailgate.

Are you excited yet?

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